Ever wonder what’s going on with all the construction activity at Sea-Tac? Sometimes, it seems like it’s everywhere you look when you’re at the 8th busiest airport in the nation. From the north side to the south end, and even underground, you’ll find updates and improvements happening all over the airport: Modern new facilities, 135 retail and dining options, faster and easier ways to get around. All while promoting air and water quality, renewable and sustainable fuels, noise reduction, and wildlife protection. That’s exciting – because construction at Sea-Tac is good for the local economy. It’s good for local jobs. And, of course, it improves your travel experience. Current initiatives include more modern services, extra elbow room, and sustainably designed spaces. Looking beyond today, Near-Term Projects included in our Sustainable Airport Master Plan propose to add a second terminal, 19 new gates, and more ways to meet regional demand for the next decade. Sea-Tac and regional partners are also collaborating on our long-term vision as we prepare to serve demand for decades to come.


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