Current Initiatives

Retail and Dining

More dining and retail choices. Plus a new Central Terminal.

Need a bite to eat or a distinctive gift before you board your flight? Once the construction dust settles, travelers will have even better and more sustainable choices and experiences on their way to the gate. Travelers will enjoy more water filling stations to reduce the need for single-use plastic.

Sea-Tac’s dining and retail expansion will provide more local jobs at airport restaurants and retailers while giving small and local businesses new opportunities to grow at Sea-Tac.

An array of choices, from national brands to local favorites

The Port is in the middle of a long-term dining and retail redevelopment project to expand Sea-Tac Airport’s dining and retail by 50 additional establishments.

Our revamped Central Terminal, a $17 million project in the heart of the airport, will expand the number of dining establishments. The new Central Terminal will also debut a modern design, more family-friendly and flexible seating, more charging stations, and better visibility to our live musical performances. Look for new restaurants to begin opening in Q1 2019.

Dining and retail establishments compete for lease opportunities at Sea-Tac. We score businesses on seven criteria—to encourage broad business participation, to strengthen the Pacific Northwest "sense of place" at the airport, and to create new opportunities.

Celebrating the Pacific Northwest, bite by bite

More than 40 restaurants operate at Sea-Tac Airport, many of them showcasing local tastes and trends. New restaurant concepts that reflect a Northwest "sense of place" include Starbucks Evenings, Rel’Lish burger lounge, Stone House Café, Capitol Hill Food Hall, and Ballard Brew Hall.

Supporting local, small, and disadvantaged businesses

The Port of Seattle Commission set the following goals:

  • Generate 40 percent of airport dining and retail sales by small, local, and disadvantaged businesses
  • Increase the gross sales of airport concessionaires who are disadvantaged business enterprises to 25 percent of total sales

To create more short-term business opportunities for small, local, and or disadvantaged businesses, Sea-Tac began a Kiosk Program in 2014 to provide experience at the airport without requiring significant investment or long-term commitment. The program included eight different businesses and has expanded to include "Intermediate" kiosks, which require a small capital investment in exchange for a longer lease term. The Intermediate Kiosk Program offers three spaces on Concourse A.



Q1 2018
Central Terminal renovation begins
Q1 2019
Central Terminal south side opens
Project Fact 1
Qualified firms interested in future leasing opportunities at Sea-Tac can register at our leasing website.
Project Fact 2
The new Central Terminal renovation will add 10,000 square feet of dining, retail, and family-friendly seating.
Project Fact 3
The renovated Central Terminal will be ADA compliant making it accessible to all travelers.
Project Fact 4
Airport dining and retail businesses support nearly 1,600 full-time and 400 part-time jobs.
Central Terminal Upgrade project animation